The practice of the Touch For Health centre commenced on March 3rd, 1982. The aims of the practice is to embrace preventative medicine in it's entirity.

Kevin Collie Naturopath States: My basic belief is that provided that there is no diseased or degenerative condition, the body is a self healing mechanism. I exclusively use the Bowen Technique, a soft tissue manipulative technique with astounding success for all types of conditions.

So experience has shown me that given the right stimulation the body will heal.

Natural occuring formulations are used practically for system and organ malfunction problems. Dietry indiscretion, food sensitivity and allergy problems are systematically and practically addressed. Bowen technique is a dynamic, remedial body technique. It is subtle, gentle and effective, giving fast and lasting relief from pain and discomfort. For further information visit


Kevin Collie Naturopath

Principal Touch For Health Centre
Specialising in Manipulations, Bowen Therapy & Kinesio Taping

Qualifications And Association Membership

Kinesio taping the back
Kinesio taping the knee
Kinesio taping the knee
Kinesio taping the shoulder
Bowen technique