Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique is based on the Dynamic and successfull work of the Australian body worker, Tom Bowen of Geelong Vic (Thomas Ambrose Bowen 1916 to 1982). The term Bowen Technique is often used interchangeably with the term Bowen Therapy.

Tom Bowen's work consisted, for a large part, of Systematically rolling or flicking moves over muscles, tendons and ligaments. Bowen was very holistic in his work, often treating the whole body and not just the immediate area of a problem. He referred to himself as an Osteopath prior to the term becoming a protected title in the state of Victoria in the 1970s.

The Bowen Technique is a system of Resetting muscles ligaments and Tendons in sequence with a gentle flicking and rolling motion, with very light precise contact. The application basically removes tension from tissue and consequently inflammation disperses and the body resets to normal function.

Kevin Collie, Touch for Health Centres Bowen Therapist has 28 years with Bowen Therapy. Kevin systematically stimulates and reset sets of involved points in sequence, often with approximately two minute pauses to allow the body to reposition. The Bowen Technique is a form of tissue Manipulation now taught World wide, it releases areas of built-up inflammation and tension in the muscle groups, beneficial for stubborn back- neck- shoulder- hip and knee problems also beneficial for Organ and System Issues clients describe the Bowen treatment as profound relaxation after a session.

Kinesio Taping - thumb
Kinesio Taping - neck
Kinesio Taping - wrist


Touch for Health Centre Naturopath Kevin Collie Offers a no nonsense approach to Alternative/Natural Medicine.

A consultation typically begins with a patient interview focusing on lifestyle, medical history, emotional tone, and physical features, as well as physical examination. Kevin Collie Naturopath's focus is on lifestyle changes and approaches that support the body's innate healing potential. We do not undertake to diagnose or treat diseases but concentrate on whole body wellness and facilitating the body healing itself. Philosophy- "the body is a self healing mechanism provided there is no chronic degenerative or diseased state given the right stimulus the body will heal".